• Salad

  • House or Ceasar

  • Entrées

  • Pollo Fantasia

    Chicken cutlet sautéed with asparagus, topped with mozzarella cheese in lemon white wine sauce

  • Pollo Alla Buona Vita

    Chicken cutlet topped with prosciutto, spinach and mozzarella cheese in white wine demi-glaze sauce

  • Pollo Alla Marsala

    Chicken cutlet sautéed with fresh mushrooms and marsala extra virgin olive oil wine demi-glaze sauce

  • Veal or Chicken Parmigiana

    Lightly breaded Veal or Chicken baked with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce

  • Veal Scaloppini

    Veal medallions sautéed with fresh mushrooms and roasted peppers, in white wine tomato sauce touch of demi-glaze

  • Veal Buona Vita

    Veal medallios sautéed with dry porcini mushrooms, prosciutto and mozzarella cheese, in cognac demi-glaze sauce

  • Salmon Alla Bruchette

    Grilled salmon served with bruchettes (chopped tomatoes, onions, garlic, basil)

  • Tilapia

    St. Peter's fish sautéed with sun dried tomato, capers and asparagus virgin olive oil in white wine lemon sauce

  • Family Style Desserts